Work of Lonn Parker

Work of Lonn Parker

native artist managed.


The Gallup Native Arts Market is your opportunity to meet internationally acclaimed artists from tribes throughout the Gallup Region.

Featured Artists Include:

Aaron Anderson, Navajo

Steve Arviso, Navajo

Darryl Dean Begay, Navajo

Aric Chopito, Zuni

Jennifer Curtis, Navajo

Tommy Jackson, Navajo

Carlton Jamon, Zuni

Harrison Jim, Sr., Navajo

Lonn Parker, Navajo

Earl Plummer, Navajo

Tonya June Raphael, Navajo

Sunshine Reeves, Navajo

Jeff Shetima, Zuni

Alex Sanchez, Navajo

Artist Darryl Dean Begay at the Heard Market

Artist Darryl Dean Begay at the Heard Market

Yup, you guessed it. Stuff about Lonn.


featured artist: aaron anderson

I heard some people know this guy.