Artists are the heart of Gallup and these artists will be showcasing their exceptional work in the heart of downtown:

Jim Abeita, Navajo Painter

Atsatsa Antonio, Navajo Metalurgy/Knifemaker

Gino Antonio, Navajo Silversmith

Steve Arviso, Navajo Silversmith

Fidel Bahe, Navajo Painter

Sedrick Banteah, Zuni Pueblo Fetish Carver

Alex Becenti, Navajo Jewelry Artisan

Abraham Begay, Navajo Jewelry 

Samuel Begay, Navajo Jewelry

Sally Black, Navajo Basketweaver

Marie Louise Bitsui, Navajo Textiles

Xavier Bitsui, Navajo Jewelry 

Edison Bobelu, Jr., Zuni Pueblo Fetish Carver

Leland Boone, Zuni Pueblo Fetish Carver

Robert Cachini, Jr., Zuni Pueblo Fetish Carver

Jaren Cachini, Zuni/Hopi Pueblo Fetish Carver, Pottery

Ca'Win Jimmy Calabaza, Santo Domingo Pueblo Jewelry

Hubert Canelario, San Felipe Pueblo Jewelry

JC & NanDe Contreras, Mescalero Apache Gourd Carving

Davis Coonsis, Zuni Pueblo Fetish Carver

Osavio Crispin, Santo Domingo Pueblo Jewelry

Cody Custer, Navajo Jewelry 

Shawn Deel, Navajo/Hopi Wood Carver

Timothy Edaakie, Zuni Pueblo Jewelry, Pottery, Paintings

M Dale Edaakie, Zuni Pueblo Jewelry

Ola Eraicho, Zuni Pueblo

Juanita Fragua, Jemez Pueblo Pottery

Gabriel Gonzlaez, Jemez Pueblo Pottery

Derrick Gordon, Navajo Jewelry

Brion Hattie, Jr., Zuni Pueblo Fetish Carver

Rolanda Haloo, Zuni Pueblo

Kevin Horace-Quannie, Hopi Wood Carver and Painter

Ernest Hubbell

Clive Hustito, Zuni Pueblo

Martha & Gene Jackson, Navajo Jewelry

Tommy Jackson, Navajo Jewelry

Harrison Jim Sr & Harrison Jim Jr, Navajo Jewelry

Bruce Joe

Aaron, Alonzo & Colt John, Navajo Jewelry

Jesse Johnson, Zuni Pueblo Petit-point Jewelry

Dolores Juanico, Acoma Pueblo

Julius Keyonnie, Navajo Painter

Darrin Kuwanhongva, Hopi Silversmith

Carlos Laate, Zuni Pueblo



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