The Gallup Native Arts Market is entering its second year in downtown Gallup. The market originated when a group of Native American artists approached the City of Gallup about “reclaiming Gallup’s assets” and providing an opportunity for highly skilled artists from the region to showcase at home and make an economic impact in their “backyards”.

The City Council in Gallup had actually voted years ago on its strategic plan to support Native Art Market efforts in Gallup, so the timing was perfect. The market is run by a committee of Native American artists who have recently formed the Gallup Native Arts Market 501c3, and the event is financially supported by the City of Gallup Lodgers Tax.

This year the City of Gallup is proud to partner with the Keshi Foundation to expand and grow the Zuni Pueblo arts presence in the heart of Gallup, New Mexico.

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“We’re thrilled to collaborate with the 2nd Annual Gallup Native Arts Market this year and thankful to Gallup for producing the show and encouraging participation of Zuni artists.” This was the reaction of Robin Dunlap, President of the Keshi Foundation. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for the artists to sell their work directly at fair prices. The Zuni Shows of 2016 and 2017, presented by the Keshi Foundation in Santa Fe, had two goals: assist Zuni artists in the show process; educate and expose a larger public to the beauty of the Zuni culture, art, and people. Now is the perfect time to bring that experience closer to the Zunis’ home.”

“This show is a natural and synergetic partnership between the City of Gallup and TKF. We’re thankful to Jennifer Lazarz, head of Gallup Tourism, for encouraging the exceptionally talented artists of Zuni to have what will certainly be a highly successful experience in Gallup, only 35 miles from Zuni Pueblo.”
— Robin Dunlap, the Keshi Foundation

What We've Achieved

  • The 2017 Gallup Native Arts Market featured 43 artists from 5 different tribes

  • The 2018 Gallup Native Arts Market grew to feature 123 artists from more than 7 tribes.

  • Sales at the first market were over 50K for the artists

  • Over 2,000 people visited the first annual Gallup Native Arts Market

    All photography provided by RAH Photography

  • The Market has provided opportunities for artists who have never sold in Gallup to retail at home

  • There were 4 booths in the first year featuring artists that had only shown at one or in one case NO other market before.